Experience the latest in freezing innovation with CryoPen, now available at Simon Lee Clinic in Bristol. This advanced cryosurgical technique offers fast, effective, and safe removal of benign skin lesions on both the face and body.

CryoPen Treatment in Bristol

CryoPen is suitable for the clinical treatment of various benign skin lesions, including skin tags, pigmentation, angiomas, and more. Our experienced practitioners can assess your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs.

At Simon Lee Clinic, CryoPen treatment offers a comfortable, quick, and precise solution with minimal stress and no downtime. The procedure is safe to use on face and body, ensuring a gentle experience for our patients.

Quick and Painless Results

Experience the convenience of CryoPen treatments, which can be as quick as a couple of minutes for basic skin tags. With results often visible after just one treatment, there's no need for extensive aftercare, allowing you to return to your daily activities with confidence.

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What happens on the day of treatment

Following a consultation, the treatment area is cleansed and prepared.

While the lesion is treated, patients may experience a prickly cold sensation during the treatment which can last a few seconds.

Following the treatment, patients can return to normal day-to-day activities.

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Mole screening

This service helps you monitor your skin health and identify any moles that may require further examination by a dermatologist.

Why get a mole screening?

Early detection of skin cancer is crucial for successful treatment. Having your moles screened regularly allows for:

  • Early identification of suspicious moles: Our service utilizes the Map My Mole platform, which connects you to UK-based dermatologists who can assess your moles and advise on any next steps.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your moles have been reviewed by a professional can provide valuable peace of mind.
    How does it work?

The cost for mole screening starts at £100 and may vary depending on the number of moles needing assessment.

Mole Screening Bristol


Consultation: £30.00 (redeemable against treatment)

 Treatment: from £100 - price can vary depending on lesion size and number of lesions to be treated.

Your next steps...

An individualised costing will be provided at the initial consultation.