Coolscultping is the world's Number 1 non-invasive fat removal system, and the only FDA cleared fat freezing system which permanently removes fat cells from the body using Cryolipolysis

How does Coolsculpting work?

The device exposes unwanted pockets of fat to cold temperatures, this then causes many of the fat cells in the treatment area to crystallise triggering natural cell death.

Once the cold temperatures has destroyed the fat cells they are gradually eliminated by the body in the same way that dietary fats are broken down, over the next 8-12 weeks. As the fat cells are eliminated gradually by the body (the same as eating one French fry per day), no adverse effects have been recorded in relation to liver function and cholesterol levels. The FDA approval validates both the safety and efficacy of the device.

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What happens on the day of treatment

On the day of treatment we normally advise patients to come wearing comfortable, lose fitting clothing.

Our Coolsculpting practitioner will need to draw on the treatment area with a black marker pen to ensure that the applicator is placed in the correct position. The applicator uses a vacuum which draws the tissue into the treatment cup- this is the fat cells are exposed to the cold temperatures causing natural cell death.

Initially during the vacuum process patients will experience a sharp tug and pressure. This can feel quite unusual to begin with. However once the cooling process begins this soon dissipates.

We encourage patients to bring in any equipment that they would like to use such as an IPOD/IPAD or kindle. Patients will be lying down on a treatment couch for the duration of the treatment.

You can eat and drink as normally prior to, during and following the treatment.

Before and after

Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol
Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol
Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol
Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol
Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol
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Who is a good candidate for Coolsculpting?

Patients close to their ideal body weight with unwanted diet and exercise resistant fat bulges
Patients seeking reduction of specific areas such as the abdomen, muffin top, inner thighs and bra fat
Downtime is not an option/surgery contraindicated

Nb. Coolsculpting is not a treatment for Obesity/individuals seeking a weight reduction programme


Consultation £30.00 (redeemable against treatment)

Two cycles (e.g chin, thighs) £950.00

Four cycles (e.g flanks) £1450.00

Six cycles (e.g abdomen) £1950.00

Your next steps...

An individualised costing will be provided at the initial consultation.