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About Simon Lee and the Clinic

Welcome to my Aesthetic Medical Clinic and I hope you find here what you are looking for. I have brought together from around the world leading technologies, Cosmetic Medicine and the best of beauty.

Working with Plastic surgery patients over the past 20yrs I have been overwhelmed with patients wanting accurate and honest advice on non-surgical treatments. They are often confused and wanting guidance having spent a lot of money and time on treatments that have simply not worked.

Researching treatments and selecting the right ones for you has required a sound knowledge base and a lot of time. Individualising a treatment plan for you will take an experienced eye and the patience to understand your goals. In my clinic only treatments with a proven track record are offered and will only be recommended for the right indications.

Fraxel Repair Laser Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol

State-of-the-art facilities

Our “World Class” treatments offer the best in class technology, beating technologies commonly found in other UK clinics hand down. The approach we offer is based around simple, honest and impartial advice that means that you get the appropriate treatment - either non-surgical in our clinic on Whiteladies Road, on surgical treatments at the Spire Hospital in Redland.

Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol

Local Anaesthetic Surgery

Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol


Our Blogs

Aesthetic Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic Fillers in Bristol

By Cat | August 30, 2023

Revitalise your appearance, restore your natural beauty, and embrace newfound confidence with aesthetic fillers at Simon Lee Clinic in Bristol. The team at Simon Lee Clinic are here to listen to your beauty goals and create a bespoke treatment plan. The Power of Aesthetic Fillers in Bristol Aesthetic fillers are safe and well-established when it…

Your Guide to miraDry in the UK and Unlocking your Confidence 

By Cat | August 22, 2023

Are you tired of battling underarm sweat, leaving you feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or hesitant? Imagine a life where you’re free from the hassle of wet marks on your favourite clothes, where your confidence soars and you’re ready to conquer any situation. The solution is miraDry, a treatment that addresses excessive underarm sweating, empowering you to…

How Much Does Fraxel Repair Cost? Discover the Perfect Investment in Your Skin’s Future

By Cat | August 7, 2023

As advocates of your skin’s radiant future, we understand that you might be curious about the investment required to embark on the transformative journey of Fraxel Repair. At Simon Lee Clinic, we believe in transparency and personalised care, which is why we are happy to share the pricing details for our exceptional Fraxel Repair treatments.…


Is miraDry Worth It? Managing Excessive Sweating at Simon Lee Clinic in Bristol

By Cat | July 31, 2023

If you are considering miraDry to help manage hyperhidrosis and reduce underarm sweat, you may be wondering if it is worth it. The answer ultimately depends on your individual needs and goals. However, miraDry has proven to be a highly successful non-invasive treatment option for underarm sweating.  Is miraDry Worth It? The benefits of miraDry,…

Dermal fillers image

Are Face Fillers and Lip Fillers the Same? Understanding Dermal Fillers at Bristol’s Premier Clinic

By Cat | July 26, 2023

When it comes to aesthetic enhancements, dermal fillers have gained significant popularity for their ability to correct and enhance various facial features. However, there is often confusion surrounding the terms “face fillers” and “lip fillers.” Are they the same thing? In this blog, we will delve into the world of dermal fillers, clarify the distinctions…

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Our staff are fully qualified in all aspects of the procedures that we carry out and we are establishing ourselves at the South-West's Premier Clinic for Advanced Medical Aesthetics.

If you would like to discuss, in confidence, whether we can help you, or which treatment, if any, would be most suitable to address your concerns, get in touch today.