Your Guide to miraDry in the UK and Unlocking your Confidence 

Are you tired of battling underarm sweat, leaving you feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or hesitant? Imagine a life where you’re free from the hassle of wet marks on your favourite clothes, where your confidence soars and you’re ready to conquer any situation. The solution is miraDry, a treatment that addresses excessive underarm sweating, empowering you to embrace life with newfound confidence and comfort. 

A Personalised Solution for Everyone: 

miraDry isn’t just a treatment; it’s a transformative experience tailored to you. If underarm sweat has been a constant bother, if stained shirts have taken a toll on your confidence, or if you’re on a journey towards a toxin-free lifestyle, miraDry is designed with you in mind. From professionals wanting to stay fresh in crucial meetings to those seeking carefree social outings, miraDry offers a permanent solution to underarm sweat woes. 

miraDry Expertise and Consultation at Simon Lee Clinic: 

Led by resident expert Mr. Simon Lee, the Simon Lee Clinic stands as the epitome of expertise in miraDry treatments in the UK. If you’ve battled excessive sweating, explored countless remedies, or longed for a life free from stained clothes, Simon Lee Clinic is your destination. Our Nurse Specialists and Practitioners provide personalised consultations, ensuring a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits. For those seeking a higher level of expertise, consultations with Mr. Simon Lee, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, are available. Your journey towards a confident, sweat-free life begins with us. 


Harnessing the Power of miraDry: 

Curious about how miraDry works its magic? The miraDry system employs controlled electromagnetic energy, precisely targeting the sweat glands residing in the underarm region. By safely heating these glands, miraDry eliminates them for good, liberating you from the burden of underarm sweat. With FDA approval and a track record of safe and successful treatments for thousands of patients, miraDry’s effectiveness and safety are indisputable.

The Treatment Experience: Your Path to Confidence: 

On the day of your treatment, arrive in comfortable clothing, ready to embrace a life unburdened by underarm sweat. Our experts customise the treatment for each underarm, ensuring optimal results. With numbing to enhance your comfort, the miraDry handpiece is used to deliver energy to the sweat glands. The procedure usually takes one to two hours, making it convenient for even the busiest schedules. 

Revel in the Results and Liberation: 

Post-treatment, expect minimal downtime. Redness, tenderness, and swelling are temporary, gradually subsiding over weeks. Most patients can resume normal activities and even exercise within a few days. Depending on individual experiences, some may require a second treatment to achieve maximal reduction of sweat and odour. Results are awe-inspiring – in a recent clinical study, the average underarm sweat reduction reached an astonishing 82% after two treatments. 

As you embark on this journey with miraDry, remember that the results are long-lasting, as new sweat glands cannot be produced. Join the ranks of individuals who’ve experienced the transformation, reclaiming their confidence and carefree spirit. Discover a life free from underarm sweat and embrace a future of confidence and comfort with miraDry. 

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