Winter skin

With Winter comes a variety of challenges for the skin.

Our diet turns to comfort foods, we are either stuck in-doors with dehydrating central heating, or outdoors with the elements both drying and chilling; or in and out with our skin having to adjust to the heat and the cold. Our skin might look duller, more irritated and feel dryer and rougher.  Then we have the party season, or friends and relatives we haven’t seen for a while coming together for festive celebrations.

We can cover a great deal of flaws with make-up, but a naturally dewy, smooth, soft and fresh skin, is more noticeable and more attractive.

When our skin looks and feels great, we can enjoy a sense of confidence and compliments are almost inevitable.

With your winter skin in mind, Simon Lee Clinic are here to help with a range of evidence-based treatments that really do deliver, whatever your individual concerns.  From the luxurious and relaxing super facial, to the more advanced injectable treatments- we have a great ‘tool kit’ and can design the best plan for you.

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