Lines and wrinkles

Faces are beautiful and complicated. Lines, wrinkles and furrows have multiple and different causes.

They can be caused by underlying muscles of facial expression pulling the skin in various directions, or underlying fat pads and other tissues that have descended under the forces of gravity over many years. They are also due to the loss of the elastic and dewy qualities of young skin. Sun exposure, genetics, smoking and other toxins all take their toll.

We have some great and powerful treatments . Both Hi-tech and pharmacological, but they need to be used with skill and wisdom to achieve the best and most natural results. Like in the preparation of you favourite culinary delight, the best ingredients count but over or under do the dose and results can be disappointing.

Only the best products and technologies are offered in my clinic and they are delivered by the most experienced appropriate and registered professionals.

Simon Lee Cosmetic Clinic | Clifton, Bristol

To treat lines and wrinkles we offer

Laser skin resurfacing - Both light and deep treatments
Radiofrequency rejuvenation: Pelleve CACI
Fractional microneedling
Filler injections
Botulinum injections
Skin peels

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