Aesthetic Fillers in Bristol

Aesthetic Dermal Fillers

Revitalise your appearance, restore your natural beauty, and embrace newfound confidence with aesthetic fillers at Simon Lee Clinic in Bristol. The team at Simon Lee Clinic are here to listen to your beauty goals and create a bespoke treatment plan. The Power of Aesthetic Fillers in Bristol Aesthetic fillers are safe and well-established when it…

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Your Guide to miraDry in the UK and Unlocking your Confidence 

Are you tired of battling underarm sweat, leaving you feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or hesitant? Imagine a life where you’re free from the hassle of wet marks on your favourite clothes, where your confidence soars and you’re ready to conquer any situation. The solution is miraDry, a treatment that addresses excessive underarm sweating, empowering you to…

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Is miraDry Worth It? Managing Excessive Sweating at Simon Lee Clinic in Bristol


If you are considering miraDry to help manage hyperhidrosis and reduce underarm sweat, you may be wondering if it is worth it. The answer ultimately depends on your individual needs and goals. However, miraDry has proven to be a highly successful non-invasive treatment option for underarm sweating.  Is miraDry Worth It? The benefits of miraDry,…

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Are Face Fillers and Lip Fillers the Same? Understanding Dermal Fillers at Bristol’s Premier Clinic

Dermal fillers image

When it comes to aesthetic enhancements, dermal fillers have gained significant popularity for their ability to correct and enhance various facial features. However, there is often confusion surrounding the terms “face fillers” and “lip fillers.” Are they the same thing? In this blog, we will delve into the world of dermal fillers, clarify the distinctions…

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What is Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing? Revolutionising Skin Resurfacing

Fraxel repair treatment

Fraxel repair laser skin resurfacing, available at Simon Lee Clinic in Bristol, has revolutionised the way we approach skin resurfacing. This groundbreaking procedure utilises ablative fractional laser technology to transform and rejuvenate the skin, providing exceptional results. Join us as we explore the remarkable benefits of the Fraxel repair laser for skin resurfacing and why…

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miraDry – Your Secret to a Sweat-Free Summer

As the long hot summer months approach, we all dream of an effortless, worry-free season. Enjoy the warm summer days without the bother of underarm sweat with miraDry treatment at Simon Lee Clinic. miraDry is a ground-breaking, non-invasive treatment that uses thermal energy to target and eliminate sweat and odour glands in your underarm area.…

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Fraxel Repair – Your Secret to Rejuvenated Skin

As the sunlit days of summer approach, we’re all striving for a fresher, smoother, and more youthful complexion. The aspiration of showcasing flawless skin as we enjoy the summer can be turned into reality, thanks to the revolutionary Fraxel Repair  treatment we  provid here at Simon Lee Clinic. Fraxel Repair is a cutting-edge treatment that…

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Dermal Fillers – Your Ticket to a Youthful Summer

The goal of diminishing signs of ageing and stepping into summer with a rejuvenated appearance can become a reality, thanks to the transformative Dermal Filler treatment at Simon Lee Clinic. Dermal Fillers – Your Ticket to a Youthful Summer Dermal Fillers are a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that uses gel-like substances to restore lost volume, smooth…

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Learn About Facial Fillers

As we age, our skin begins to lose volume and elasticity, leading to the appearance of wrinkles, and sagging. This can leave us feeling self-conscious and less confident in our appearance, its common to hear how the mirror reflects a sad, tired face, which isn’t necessarily how you feel.  Fortunately, there is an innovative and…

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